p shaped conservatory


The double hipped conservatory is an ideal balance between your house style and a seamless fit with the home. Its pitched roof appears on both sides of the conservatory extension, rather than having a flat face connecting to the existing wall. Any home can be accommodated with this style as the angled roof can be used to fit onto height-restricted properties. Therefore it is perfect for bungalows where the roof is at a low height. The front facing pitched roof fits in with any style from Victorian to Edwardian. The design allows the conservatory to be next to the existing wall and the house roof and the conservatory roof are simultaneously drained.

Choosing the Right Window Design

We will help you to choose the right design. Our experienced technicians are always available to help you by explaining each type of conservatory and its features. It is a great way to add space, light and value to your home. A Double hipped conservatory has many advantages: it is not usually necessary to obtain planning permission – we will provide you detailed information; it will increase the value of your property; it is used all year round as it is thermally efficient and weatherproof; it is designed and installed to meet your specific individual requirements.

Quality Assurance

Our double glazing company delivers high-quality double glazing products and services. We offer fast and accurate installation. We control the work of each stage and ensure the highest final quality. Our survey and quotation services are free of charge for all supply and installations. We work to the highest standards with the best quality materials. We offer framing and installation that is guaranteed for 10 years from the date of installation, glass units – 5 years, furniture – 1 year (see our guarantee policy). Our responsibility for the work is to be done in the agreed lead time. we offer the best value for your money.

A+ Energy Rated

We work especially for those of you who want to create comfort and protection in your home and office. We offer energy rated double glazing products with U value. Double glazing products we use will keep your extra space warm and comfortable thanks to its frame materials and temperature controlling glass. They are the perfect decision for extension projects. The conservatory traps the winter sunlight and converts it into heat through the glass. Offering incredible levels of energy efficiency, the technically advanced roof system matches perfectly with its huge range of windows and doors.